* The Guns of Revenge:

A Western Inferno

The new blockbuster Western adventure from action-packed, award-winning author Bill Vlach. If you enjoy Westerns from Cherokee Parks, C. Wayne Winkle and Paul L. Thompson… you will love “The Guns of Revenge!”

The story begins in the 1860s with a savage act perpetrated against young Frank McCord, and what follows is Frank’s run-in with the men who brought him horrendous grief and set him on a path of vengeance. Frank’s first shot at revenge does not go well, leaving him on the run.

Saved from a sure death by a tribe of escaped slaves, Frank’s tormenters leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake and force him to run again. One escape after another takes McCord through a series of lucky breaks and pitfalls, all intensifying his need for vengeance while at the same time giving him the necessary knowledge to not only seek but attain that ultimate retaliation he so desperately demands.

* Ambush of the Vigilante: A Western Adventure

Short stories from the author of "The Guns of Revenge"

A Review: The author has delivered a Wild Western for these worst of times. Deceptively simple stories, but with echoes
in the background of the author's erudite command of relevant philosophical, literary and historical references,
they appear as a candle in the current darkness of our democracy. You will love the courageous characters living in those/these immoral (perhaps immortal) times of man's inhumanity to man, and the personal responsibility they take. The writing - sharp as a Bowie knife and impactful as a mule kick - can be savored like the best of Hemingway. A delightful short read that , with almost every sentence, flashes a surprise with humor and deep questions about good versus evil we confront everyday.


* The Gospel According to Father Coffee


One can download the Kindle edition for $.99 (yes, ninety-nine cents!) for instant fun reading, or order the paperback (William Collins Publishing, London) at independent bookstores, or Amazon.



 Here is a partial quote from the Amazon review:


"...Set in a 1950’s rural town in California, The Gospel According to Father Coffee, is a fast moving, unusual, magical story of redemption through trickery. The town's lives, rich and poor, young and old, are revealed as Father Coffee night-flies, becomes invisible and delivers pagan sermons astonishing his parishioners. Through these stories, told in vignettes, each one with a twist, the magical Father Coffee discovers redemption for himself and his town through his magical skills. Many of these tales are informed by the world trickster stories of the Native American Coyote, Zen parables, The Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the Sufi stories of Nasrddin Hoja."




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The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú                      



Ebook edition The Golden Chalice of Hunahpu 


*  Spanish Language edition of The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú

EL CÁLIZ DE ORO DE HUNAHPÚ: Una novela del ataque español contra los mayas



The Violent Birth of the Americas is Told in a New Historical Novel, The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú, by William Vlach


The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú: A Novel of the Spanish Attack on the Maya Full Court Press, 2014




San Francisco, CA, November 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Full Court Press is releasing the dramatic historical novel The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú: A Novel of the Spanish Attack on the Maya by San Francisco psychologist and writer William Vlach. The front cover is by noted Guatemalan artist Emanuel Paniagua.

"To understand the crisis of the children at the border, one needs to understand the violent origin of the Americas," Vlach said. “The book reveals the Spanish-Mayan war, the so-called Conquest, from the first person narratives of both the Mayans and the Spanish.”

Early notes have included Kirkus Reviews: "Vlach, a practicing psychologist, has clearly done his research for this debut novel; the historical detail is impressive and the settings are vivid and realistic."; Ramón Sender Barayón, author of A Death in Zamora: “What a page-turner!"; and Alejandro Murguía, Sixth Poet Laureate of San Francisco: "A work in the great tradition of Miguel Angel Asturias—the magical voice of the Maya come to life."

The Golden Chalice of Hunahapú is an epic novel of the struggle for the Americas, an odyssey moving from the pre-Columbian Mayan empire to the splendid Golden Age of Spain then back to the battle for the land and soul of Guatemala. The tale is told in three first person chronicles: Kaqchikel Mayan prince Belehe Qat is both witness and warrior as he tries to save his people; young and fierce Spanish noblewoman Beatriz pursues marriage to the powerful conquistador, Alvarado, only to find the New World is more than she bargained for; and the hilariously acerbic Domingo, a Sancho Panza-like monk, seeks to find meaning in the middle of this 16th century American holocaust. Their intertwining stories lead to the shocking volcanic climax.

Vlach, a police psychologist, who has done field work in Guatemala with his anthropologist wife, Norita Vlach, has published poetry, essays, and won awards for both his playwriting and parody. Cover artist, Guatemalan Emanuel Paniagua, who works with both paintings and sculpture, says about his work, “I was born into an aesthetic culture that has been crafted through centuries with artistic mastery in weavings, clay, stone.”

The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú: A Novel of the Spanish Attack on the Maya is available at independent bookstores, Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and other online bookstores.

For more information and interviews about this new release, William Vlach may be reached at:
Phone: 415-681-6565
Email: williamvlach@gmail.com.
Web site: Willliamvlach.com
Blog: williamvlach.wordpress.com/
Facebook: The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú
Twitter: @vbvlachThe Golden Chalice of Hunahpú: A Novel of the Spanish Attack on the Maya


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