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William Vlach's debut novel, The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú: A Novel of the Spanish Attack on the Maya (Full Court Press) won the 2015 BAIPA Book Award for Fiction: Drama, Romance & Historical Fiction.  Kirkus Reviews described the book as "...an enthralling look into a little known period of history." 


His second novel, The Gospel According to Father Coffee (William Collins Publishing, London), is satirically informed by world trickster stories. 

For a change of pace, his third novel is The Guns of Revenge: A Western Inferno (Dusty Saddle Publishers) set in the Old West of barn burnings and wild revenge.  The San Francisco Review of Books stated "Guns is entertaining, well-written, and a fun read."  Adding to the Western genre is his collection of short stories- Ambush of the Vigilante  whose writing is described- "as sharp as a Bowie knife and impactful as a mule kick".

William's new comic/tragic poetry book, SAGACITY OF THE NOSE, is published by St Andrews Court Press, London.  His individual poems have been published by journals both in the United States and the United Kingdom.  His playwriting and parody have won writing awards. In other writing endeavors, he has published essays on diverse topics such as police psychology, the history of health care ethics, film noir, and the psychology of genocide.  Currently he is completing a literary historical novel, The Naked Greek


He continues his practice of clinical psychology in San Francisco where he lives with his wife, Norita.




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