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Long hailed as the highest form of humor, Satire gives cutting insight into the world we experience. Both inspiring and enjoyable, the comedic situations and elements hit home as a profound commentary on society.


Sagacity of the Nose:

A Year of Living Covidly

From the outrageously creative mind of the author of The Gospel of Father Coffee, The Golden Chalice of Hunahpú and The Guns of Revenge sprouts these outrageous prose poems on the pandemic and the world we live in. Some are out and out hilarious, others absurd, some healing, and some simply a commentary on our times: a man battles the virus with a caveman's club, another appraises the virus as a lost culture. Both the absurd and the tragic sit side by side. Here we have a Elsa, a Scandinavian Thunder Goddess, side by side with a riot overwhelmed cop. These are extreme times and these are extreme prose poems. Reminiscent of Mark Twain, you will never forget this roller coaster of a ride.

The Gospel According To
Father Coffee

From renowned penman Bill Vlach comes “Fr. Coffee,” one of the most outrageous, insightfully delightful new books of 2017. With a pen that lashes great writing, Vlach has turned out a classic in book form with his new release. It's funny, fine and delicious to read, with extra helpings of pure charm and wit. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to taste an extra strong dose of the talent that has made Vlach one of the most touted authors for 2017 success.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No. It's Father Coffee!!! He flies. He renders himself invisible. He harangues his parishioners. In each of these comical stories the magical and whimsical Father Coffee struggles to heal and to trick his parishioners into compassion and love. Here is a 1950's small town priest who is at once spiritual and earthy, ribald and holy. Set in a 1950’s rural town in California, The Gospel According to Father Coffee, is a fast moving, unusual, magical story of redemption through trickery. The town's lives, rich and poor, young and old, are revealed as Father Coffee night-flies, becomes invisible and delivers pagan sermons astonishing his parishioners. Through these stories, told in vignettes, each one with a twist, the magical Father Coffee discovers redemption for himself and his town through his magical skills. Many of these tales are informed by the world trickster stories of the native American Coyote, Zen parables, The Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the Sufi stories of Nasrddin Hoja.

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