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Cowboy and Wild Horses


A great part of who we are as a people is found in our folk-stories and idealized fiction. From allegorical commentary to heroic journey sagas, the Western has always had a place. And they are as much fun to write as to read.




A mysterious young girl who can barely speak and appears witless tells the story of a struggling family ranch in Northern California of the 1950's. Her grandparents work to protect the family from an unseen pyromaniac, a government take over of their land, and family crises. The girl, Etta May, harmonizes with nature and lives in innocence as she begins to face the harsh realities of the world. Her life becomes increasingly complicated as her city cousin, Luke, comes to live with her and her grandparents. The dangers to her, her family, and the ranch mount to an unexpected dramatic climax.



the new blockbuster Western adventure from action-packed, award-winning author Bill Vlach. If you enjoy Westerns from Cherokee Parks, C. Wayne Winkle and Paul L. Thompson… you will love “The Guns of Revenge!”

The story begins in the 1860s with a savage act perpetrated against young Frank McCord, and what follows is Frank’s run-in with the men who brought him horrendous grief and set him on a path of vengeance. Frank’s first shot at revenge does not go well, leaving him on the run.

Saved from a sure death by a tribe of escaped slaves, Frank’s tormenters leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake and force him to run again. One escape after another takes McCord through a series of lucky breaks and pitfalls, all intensifying his need for vengeance while at the same time giving him the necessary knowledge to not only seek but attain that ultimate retaliation he so desperately demands.

Saddle up and ride with Bill Vlach through that wild and dangerous place called the Old West. It takes guts to be a cowboy…


Ambush of the Vigilante:

A Western Adventure From The Author of "The Guns of Revenge"

As in Red Dead Redemption 2, the stories in Ambush of the Vigilante come to life with combat, gunplay, and a powerful honor system. In a new country, when the law hasn’t yet laid its hands on the land, justice must be enforced by the individual— the vigilante. In these stories by best selling Western author, Bill Vlach, (The Guns of Revenge- A Western Inferno, Dusty Saddle Publications, 2018), the fearful find courage even as they face destruction, family wrongs are righted by the gun, towns are protected by the lone gunfighter. The eternal question of mercy versus justice is a daily struggle. In each story, the violence and gun play pushes the reader to re-examine not only their notion of story, but also their very idea of justice. An accounting must be made— Western style, with a twist. If you thought Red Dead Redemption 2 was crazy wild, you’ll love Ambush of the Vigilante!

The stories:
Last Ride Up McKenzie Canyon
The Marvelous Ballad of Paul L. Thompson

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